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Financial and legal expertise important in high asset divorce

Many people who enter into a marriage with a great deal of money or assets have questions about how to protect their wealth should the marriage fall apart. There are several things people can do to protect themselves during high asset divorce. British Columbia couples may find that consulting a legal expert will help them protect their best interests during property division.

High asset divorce is stressful, but so is high conflict marriage

The decision to divorce is never an easy one. When a marriage is troubled, deciding whether to stay together or split up can bring up many pros and cons, especially when the complexity of a high asset divorce is in play. Experts have researched family relationships and identified benefits and drawbacks to both choices. This information is worthwhile for any British Columbia couple considering their next steps.

How to protect assets in high asset divorce without a prenup

Prenuptial agreements are often considered by affluent couples before marriage, but this is not always an option. British Columbia couples have several options to protect themselves in the case of a high asset divorce. While prenuptial agreements should be a consideration, husbands and wives can also look at a few other methods to separate and protect assets.

Family law: Understanding costs important in divorce

It is no secret that divorce can be emotionally and financially challenging for both parties. Family law issues that are a catalyst for divorce proceedings involve more than just money. Nevertheless, the process is generally more difficult for those British Columbia residents who are unprepared to deal with the financial issues that arise when a marriage ends. 

Garner, Affleck in high asset divorce

Movie fans the world over were shocked last year when noted stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their intention to separate after 10 years of marriage and three children. British Columbia fans may have heard the high asset divorce was filed in Los Angeles in April, two years after the couple initially announced their plan to separate. Thankfully, it appears there is little acrimony between the two parties, who are working together to co-parent their minor children. 

Court not the best option for high asset divorce

It is tempting at times to think of the extremely wealthy as existing in a world very different from most Canadians' experience. However, when it comes to divorce, experts in British Columbia and elsewhere agree that the one thing high asset divorce has in common with the separation of a middle class couple is the potential for acrimony. With that said, when millions of dollars in assets are at stake, the wealthy may need to consider certain obstacles when approaching divorce. 

Family law judge ends relationship with divorcing couple

A judge in Vancouver has recommended that a contentious divorce case be moved to a different court, according to local sources. The British Columbia couple has been engaged in a hostile divorce for some time now, and the judge presiding over the case believes a change in the bench might help bring an end to the difficult separation. While this is certainly unusual in the realm of family law, it is not unheard of for unique measures to be taken in contentious divorce cases.

How your spouse may try to hide assets

The allure of hiding assets is very real. Your spouse has to report what he or she has, and you may end up with half of it. That gives your spouse a motive to hide portions of the assets, so as to come out the other side with more than you. This is illegal, but it still happens in divorce cases in Canada. Below are a few examples of ways people may try to hide assets.

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