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How does family law define primary caregiver for tax benefits?

People who have a stable job and marriage often get accustomed to their financial situation. But what happens to family-related tax benefits when a marriage doesn't work out? British Columbia parents may wonder how tax law and family law handle conflicts related to the Canada Child Benefit.

Can family law force my support-receiving ex-spouse to get a job?

Spousal support can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. This can be exacerbated by issues with an ex's working habits. But under British Columbia family law, do divorcees have any legal recourse against a spouse who demands long-term support but refuses to work?

Family law can help women weather financial changes with divorce

Women in Canada face unique financial challenges when it comes to divorce and estate planning. This means that it is a good idea for British Columbia women to understand how family law can support them in preparing for the future. As recent studies show, women control more wealth and live longer than their spouses or ex-spouses. Therefore, it is more critical than ever to be aware of important financial planning and legal processes to prepare for the years to come.

Grey divorce requires unique family law considerations

Terms like "grey divorce" and "silver separations" have been making headlines recently. This is due to an increase in break-ups between older couples, especially those who have been together for 20-plus years. Experts are weighing in on the reasons for this increase, as well as the family law considerations for British Columbia couples divorcing later in life.

Family law says child support may be owed after age 18

Child support is a topic that comes up in many divorces across the country. Many British Columbia parents who pay child support may think that their payments will end once children turn 18. However, federal and provincial family law may require some parents to continue their support after the child is a legal adult, especially if post-secondary education is involved.

Family law ruling: Man owes over $500k in child support

In child support cases, staying up to date and honest about changes in one's financial situation are important to maintaining an agreement. A British Columbia man learned this the hard way when a court ordered that he pay over $522,000 in child support after providing misleading financial information to his ex-wife or the courts. Under provincial family law, income is an important factor in deciding how much will be given during a child support agreement.

Family law: determining the best child custody agreement

Child custody can be one of the most contentious parts of any divorce. Some British Columbia residents have experience in negotiating the best living situation for the children of divorced parents. Family law experts have specific opinions on what situation might be best, though of course this may not work for every family going through a divorce. 

How family law handles pet ownership

Many people identify as animal lovers, and households across Canada often include one or more pets. Many British Columbia residents facing divorce, however, are obviously concerned about the specifics of pet custody in the event of a divorce. Family law handles this issue in a variety of ways, depending on the unique specifics of the given divorce.

Family law experts weigh in on divorce myths

Divorce is common in the modern Canadian landscape, with an estimated 50 percent of marriages ending in a permanent separation. However, British Columbia residents may not have the full story when it comes to how family law handles the end of a marriage. Misinformation about divorce abounds, and there are many myths that people can fall prey to that may adversely affect how they choose to handle their own divorce. 

Mediation vs. divorce in family law

Divorces are as unique from one another as the spouses they involve, and as a result, no two divorces can be handled exactly the same way. For some British Columbia residents, the prospect of mediation is a preferable family law solution, as it can be less expensive and adversarial than a traditional court-based divorce. But for some people, a relationship may simply be too contentious for mediation to be a viable option. When determining best steps for a divorce, it is important for both parties to have an honest accounting of which option will work best for them. 

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