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Remarriage, kids can affect wills and estates in British Columbia

Divorces happen and so do remarriages. Some British Columbia residents could have children from two different relationships and might have questions regarding their wills and estates. Most testators want to include all their children in their estate plans. If the person already has an existing will, he or she might have to write a new one since when a remarriage occurs any will may be outdated. 

The best course of action to include all children in a will is to start with a clean slate. A new will can ensure all children will be beneficiaries, if that is what is desired. Other estate plan documents should be updated in this case as well, especially if minor children are involved. 

Legal duties always come before moral ones where the law is concerned. Individuals are required to take care of minor children and if children exist from two marriages and some of those children are adults, the minor children come first. A second husband or wife is also typically the beneficiary of a will -- not a former spouse, unless some sort of arrangement has been made to dictate otherwise.

An estate planning lawyer in British Columbia will understand how second (or more) marriages affect wills and estates. He or she can offer guidance on what documents are needed for a complete estate plan and the importance of each. When an individual has children from more than one relationship, he or she needs to be clear about how that affects any documents already in existence and how to positively move forward with an all-encompassing plan. 

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