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Family law: When 1 parent disagrees with child counselling

Children are often caught in the middle of their parents' divorces. Family law in British Columbia always puts the best interests of children first. And sometimes that might mean that children of divorce may need counselling to process the changes that are taking place in their lives. But what happens when one parent doesn't agree to those counselling sessions?

This could be a dicey situation since both parents typically must give their consent for their children to receive counselling. When parents can't work together to come to a decision about what would be best for their children, the consenting parent can try to obtain a court order that dispenses with the need for the dissenting parent's consent. The parent can try to achieve this order as either a protection order or as part of a parenting, custody or access order.

In any case, a judge will want to know why he or she should decide that one's parent's views should be overlooked. The court will want to see some evidence to support such a ruling. And the judge will want to know why the child should receive counselling -- such as having difficulty in school, acting out or having trouble processing emotions. A judge will also wish to know what sort of counselling is intended, the qualifications of the counsellor and who will be footing the bill for these sessions.

A British Columbia family law lawyer would be able to answer the myriad of questions that may be associated with children and divorce. He or she would also be able to assist a client to obtain the necessary court orders in these sorts of instances. Many issues that go along with parents' divorcing may be confusing and a lawyer is able to bring some clarity to these complex issues.

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