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Wills and estates: Having the talk with adult children

It's uncomfortable for many adult children to talk to their parents about estate planning. Those talks surround the inevitable loss of a parent and no child, no matter how old he or she is -- wants to think about that. But when it comes to he planning of wills and estates in British Columbia, open and honest communication can save much added grief when they time comes to fulfilling a person's last wishes.

Not having the talk can do more harm than good. A small amount of potentially uncomfortable talk time could diffuse what might be an explosive situation down the line. By communicating their intentions about their wills and estates, parents can make sure their children feel like they're being treated fairly. It also gives parents the opportunity of hearing their children's opinions on things which may make estate planning less daunting.

Any talks that have to do with money may be volatile. But sometimes it has less to do with finances for adult children than feeling like they're being treated equally. It also gives them a chance to voice their desires to be the recipient of personal items belonging to their parent. Many of these things have a sentimental value as well. It's sad when a family is torn apart by a parent's estate, especially when it may have been averted.

British Columbia residents who are thinking of how to approach planning for wills and estates may do well with the advice of an estate planning lawyer. A lawyer would be able to provide legal advice on what should be included in a well-rounded estate plan. So, when a parent is ready to have a talk with his or her children, he or she will at least be able to convey those legalities should any questions concerning the process arise.

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