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Planning can help people avoid mistakes in high asset divorce

When it comes to a divorce, seemingly everything is on the line: custody of children, property, investments and even future earnings. For British Columbia individuals undergoing a high asset divorce, a mistake can have serious consequences. Here are a few things people should know to avoid missteps when ending a marriage.

Today, many soon-to-be exes take a collaborative approach to separation agreements. This can help to save on costs and prevent lengthy court battles. Collaborative divorce is a good idea when possible, but if the break up is particularly contentious people should prioritize finding the right lawyers to lead each party through the legal system.

When a lot of money is on the line, a thorough and professionally led process is critical. People who try to save money or time by cutting corners during the divorce process often end up paying for it later. Taking the time to find the right legal counsel, understand British Columbia family law and take stock of all assets before moving forward with a separation can help set someone up for a less stressful process.

Many people going through a high asset divorce hope for a clean cut process, where a settlement can be drawn up and the pair can go their separate ways. This may not be possible for those with shared children, co-owned businesses or particularly contentious issues to address. Keeping a split as amicable as possible and addressing family law issues professionally and logically are the best way to work towards a less stressful divorce. The best first step to doing this is finding a trusted British Columbia divorce lawyer.

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