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Family law: determining the best child custody agreement

Child custody can be one of the most contentious parts of any divorce. Some British Columbia residents have experience in negotiating the best living situation for the children of divorced parents. Family law experts have specific opinions on what situation might be best, though of course this may not work for every family going through a divorce. 

For children of preschool age, many family law experts suggest that living predominantly with only one parent following a separation could have negative impact on the children. A study conducted by Uppsala University suggests that parents who split custody evenly between the two households may have a positive effect on their children. Families polled for this study recounted that children who spend equal time with both parents exhibit fewer behavioural problems than those who spend a majority of their time with one parent. 

The study, conducted in Sweden, polled both parents and teachers of children from split homes and children from standard "nuclear" families. Teachers and parents agreed that children who spent considerably more time with one parent than the other tended to have a harder time than kids who shared equal time with both parents. This lends credence to the idea that the best thing parents can do when negotiating a divorce is to put their children's welfare above their own disagreements. 

Of course, this model does not work for every family. In divorces where abuse or negligence are factors, family law must intervene for the well-being of minor children who might not benefit from a dual household. Thankfully, no matter what situation a British Columbia family might find itself in, the support of experienced divorce attorneys can help spouses prepare their children for a change in life and make the right choices for their unique family situation. 

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