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Family law experts weigh in on divorce myths

Divorce is common in the modern Canadian landscape, with an estimated 50 percent of marriages ending in a permanent separation. However, British Columbia residents may not have the full story when it comes to how family law handles the end of a marriage. Misinformation about divorce abounds, and there are many myths that people can fall prey to that may adversely affect how they choose to handle their own divorce. 

Some people choose to stay in unhealthy, unhappy marriages because the prospect of going to court is simply too daunting. However, divorce does not need to be litigated before a court, and in many cases it is not. Couples who can come to a mutual understanding and are relatively amicable about their separation have other options available to them, including mediation. Even when documents are sent to the court for approval, there may be no reason for either party to attend. 

It is also common for divorcing men with children to believe they will be at a disadvantage regarding child custody proceedings. While this may have been more true in years past, in the modern world, child custody is as negotiable as any other aspect of a divorce. Many courts even prefer to avoid the scenario of the so-called "weekend dad" and endeavour to make the agreement more equal, assuming both parents are competent and capable. 

Divorce is one of the most important choices British Columbia residents can choose to make in their lives. Therefore, it is important for both parties to have the facts when embarking on this journey. The support of a family law expert like an experienced divorce attorney can mean the difference between a difficult, contentious experience and a smoother ride to an equitable resolution. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "6 Prevalent Myths You'll Hear About Divorce", Aug. 9, 2017

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