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Family law alternatives to traditional divorce

Traditional divorce has become well-known through popular culture and through the fact that nearly half of all marriages reportedly do not last. British Columbia residents are well-versed in how expensive and emotionally exhausting divorces are portrayed in the media. However, it may not be common knowledge that family law offers alternatives through this sort of traditional end of a marriage.

One such option is divorce arbitration. In arbitration, divorcing couples are not tied inextricably to the processes of a courtroom divorce, instead retaining more control over how the divorce will unfold. While the support of experienced divorce attorneys representing each spouse is still vital to the success of the proceedings, arbitration can help to limit expenses and allow parents to support children through a challenging emotional period.

Arbitration, of course, requires an arbitrator, or a neutral third party meant to oversee the process. The arbitrator can be chosen by one or both spouses, as opposed to a judge in a courtroom setting who is assigned without consulting the couple. Arbitration typically involves submission of documents and, if necessary, witness testimonials. Every step of the way, attorneys can work with both spouses to come up with a process that works best for the parties.

Family law is complicated, and divorce - no matter how it is conducted - still has the capacity to be difficult for both parties and any children they may have. However, when each spouse retains the services of an experienced British Columbia attorney, the road to a happier future is already dramatically smoothed. With the help of legal professionals, most divorces can be handled efficiently and, with any luck, a minimum of acrimony and contention.

Source:, "Are There Alternatives to Traditional Divorce?", John S. Eory, July 31, 2017

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