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Family law: Misconceptions regarding divorce

The modern era has brought with it a wealth of information on every conceivable topic, thanks to the internet. However, as British Columbia residents understand, not all of this information is reliable, particularly when it pertains to family law. This is why it is so helpful to have the support of a savvy attorney when approaching divorce proceedings -- the more misinformation that can be avoided, the easier the process will become. 

It is important to note that child custody law is not necessarily handled the same way from province to province. In fact, many of the laws governing the particulars of divorce can be different depending on where the couple lives. An understanding of provincial law as it pertains to legal separation is a key part of any divorce strategy.

This is also true of asset division. Some people are under the impression that property or assets that are in one spouse's name only will revert automatically to the ownership of that spouse. This is not necessarily the case, as assets accrued during the marriage may be considered marital in nature and could be divided equally, or even unequally if the court so decides. 

While family law can be applied to individual divorces in unique ways, an understanding of the underlying laws that govern legal separation can only benefit both spouses during this process. This is why British Columbia residents may wish to secure legal support and representation before beginning the divorce process. With qualified attorneys on either side of the negotiation table, a divorce can proceed more smoothly toward an amicable settlement. 

Source: Business Journal, Portland OR, "6 common misconceptions about divorce", Lewis I. Landerhorn, July 10, 2017

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