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Family law attorney may minimize negative consequences

Despite the fact that British Columbia women older than 50 have more money and influence today than they did in past generations, many still find themselves financially devastated following a late-life divorce. These are the findings of a life insurance study that surveyed women who divorced after 50. Even with more opportunities for education and advancement, spouses may have many questions when facing family law issues.

Many women wait until their children finish school before filing for divorce. Because they are so close to retirement age, one of the most concerning items for women facing a gray divorce is how to manage financially, and some say their divorce is a rude awakening. Even those who managed the household budget confess that they are woefully unprepared for the financial changes a divorce may bring.

The more contentious a divorce, the more expensive it may be. Experts recommend that spouses negotiate as much as possible to save money. Nevertheless, a spouse who has concerns about the outcome of a divorce and the financial consequences may wish to have as much professional help as possible. Advisors may include a therapist or counselor, financial planner, and realtor, in addition to the advice one gets from a lawyer.

A British Columbia family law professional can provide the answers to the many questions a spouse may have when divorcing later in life. Division of assets may be more complex after many years of marriage, and ensuring that one receives his or her fair share will be vital for a positive future. While divorce is never easy, having sound guidance may relieve some of the stress and provide some peace of mind.

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