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Family law: the cost of grey divorce

As the average Canadian life expectancy continues to grow, more and more married couples who might otherwise have remained married into their golden years are opting to end their marriages. The trend of "grey divorce" is familiar to British Columbia family law experts who recognize the unique challenges that come with a divorce in late life. Of particular importance is planning for the cost of such a divorce, which can influence retirement and other considerations for both spouses. 

Hot housing market influences property division in divorce

One of the more contentious portions of many divorces is how to divide marital assets. Property division can be complicated depending on the specifics of the divorce case, and the recent housing market boom is not making things easier for British Columbia residents looking to end their marriages while still retaining some of those assets. This is why it is helpful for couples to secure legal advice in determining how to best divide up their shared property. 

Family law attorney may minimize negative consequences

Despite the fact that British Columbia women older than 50 have more money and influence today than they did in past generations, many still find themselves financially devastated following a late-life divorce. These are the findings of a life insurance study that surveyed women who divorced after 50. Even with more opportunities for education and advancement, spouses may have many questions when facing family law issues.

How family law handles adultery in divorce

Of all the causes of divorce, perhaps the most salacious and indeed taboo is the question of adultery. In British Columbia, as elsewhere in Canada, adultery is grounds for divorce under family law. However, many people do not know the extent to which the details of an affair can influence a divorce proceeding -- and many are afraid to ask for fear of incriminating themselves. 

Family law: Protecting the family business in divorce

There is a great deal of support and advice for couples considering a divorce, particularly pertaining to how they can protect their individual assets in such a situation. However, some British Columbia residents might be wondering what provisions of family law exist to protect other family members, particularly the older generation, and assets they may have accrued. This is especially true in the case of a family business.

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