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British Columbia family law: The cost of divorce

It is widely understood that a divorce can be a potentially expensive endeavour. Leaving aside the costs associated with this family law field, there is also the division of assets to consider, as well as lost income and the cost of essentially starting a new life. This is why it is so important for British Columbia residents to have a solid understanding of their finances before divorce proceedings begin. 

Garner, Affleck in high asset divorce

Movie fans the world over were shocked last year when noted stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their intention to separate after 10 years of marriage and three children. British Columbia fans may have heard the high asset divorce was filed in Los Angeles in April, two years after the couple initially announced their plan to separate. Thankfully, it appears there is little acrimony between the two parties, who are working together to co-parent their minor children. 

Family law: What is considered the best interests of a child?

When British Columbia couples who have children file for divorce, many decisions must be made about the children. These include guardianship, parental responsibilities and the contact and parenting time each parent will have. Under the Family Law Act, the primary focus of the court must be on the best interests of the child. However, what does that mean? It requires an order or agreement to protect the child's safety, well-being and security -- physical, emotional and psychological.

Family law stance on pet ownership

The face of divorce law is always changing, as no two divorces are ever precisely alike. Here in British Columbia and elsewhere across the country, family law is regularly interpreted and updated to meet the needs of individual cases. One such scenario is gaining traction in the United States right now, and its effect on family law there will likely influence Canadian policy as well: that is, the question of pet ownership. 

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