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Family law suggestions on protecting assets in divorce

One of the major points of contention in many divorces is the division of property. Certainly most British Columbia residents engaged in divorce would prefer to retain as many assets as possible while still maintaining an equitable divorce arrangement. Family law experts have pointed to several ways for individuals to protect their assets during a separation.

A common error made by amicable couples seeking a divorce is to reach an agreement about the division of assets and property before seeking out the support of qualified divorce attorneys. While this might seem like a friendlier way of doing things, the fact is some assets have greater or lesser value than a couple might ascribe to them, and not seeking help in making those determinations ahead of time can lead to more fights down the line. An informed view of both spouse's assets and the laws that will determine their division can go a long way in avoiding these snags. 

In less-amicable arrangements, it might be tempting to seek out information about a spouse's assets in a clandestine way, such as looking at their credit card statements or other documentation. This can backfire rather spectacularly, as if such behaviour is discovered, it can reduce the credibility of the offending spouse in a court setting. In addition, any information gathered in this way is typically not admissible in court. 

There are many family law pitfalls that inexperienced spouses can fall into if they are not careful. Thankfully, British Columbia residents have access to considerable legal support when facing a divorce. Retaining counsel for both parties is a good first step toward a successful divorce agreement. 

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