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Family law suggestions on protecting assets in divorce

One of the major points of contention in many divorces is the division of property. Certainly most British Columbia residents engaged in divorce would prefer to retain as many assets as possible while still maintaining an equitable divorce arrangement. Family law experts have pointed to several ways for individuals to protect their assets during a separation.

Court not the best option for high asset divorce

It is tempting at times to think of the extremely wealthy as existing in a world very different from most Canadians' experience. However, when it comes to divorce, experts in British Columbia and elsewhere agree that the one thing high asset divorce has in common with the separation of a middle class couple is the potential for acrimony. With that said, when millions of dollars in assets are at stake, the wealthy may need to consider certain obstacles when approaching divorce. 

Family law distinctions between separation and divorce

Most Canadians understand the basics of divorce. However, some British Columbia residents may not be aware of the legal distinctions between a divorce and a separation, as dictated by family law. For individuals who are separated but not divorced, these distinctions can make a huge difference in how future issues are handled. 

New property division law regarding "pet custody"

While the divorce rate has evened out considerably over the last 10 years, divorce is still a relatively common phenomenon in Canada. Here in British Columbia, one of the most contentious parts of a divorce is property division. Family pets are included under that umbrella, to date inhabiting a grey area of the law. However, one American state is approaching "pet custody" in a new light, a move that could influence how the issue is handled in divorces on both sides of the border. 

Understanding family law in divorce context

Divorce can be one of the most challenging life experiences. The divorce process is difficult from an emotional standpoint and due to the complexity of some elements of family law in British Columbia. Thankfully, with the support of an experienced divorce attorney, there are several ways to smooth that road and help to ensure a mutually acceptable divorce agreement. 

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