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Child support an important part of family law

One of the most challenging and sometimes contentious parts of a divorce is child custody and, by extension, child support. British Columbia residents will doubtless agree that minor children run the risk of taking the brunt of the emotional fallout of a divorce, which is partly why both parents have a legal obligation to ensure child support is provided. This part of family law can be complicated, which is why the support of divorce lawyers can be so valuable to divorcing families with children.

The specifics of child support law can change from province to province, but one thing that remains consistent across the nation is the need to develop a system of spousal and child support that ensures everyone is taken care of fairly. This is particularly true when considering the rights of the child. The point of child support is to minimize the impact of the divorce upon minor children, who deserve the same quality of life they enjoyed while living with both parents. 

In many cases, the parent who retains primary custody (that is, the residence where the child or children spend the majority of their time) is owed child support by the other parent. This is because the primary parent will likely incur most of the expenses involved in raising children. Each province and territory maintains their own guidelines about how to calculate child support payments, but most often, the amount reflects a basic monthly amount for regular expenses as well as an additional stipend to provide for "extraordinary expenses" like medical payments. 

Rare are the parents who are unwilling to provide child support to minor children in the event of divorce. However, British Columbia families still understand how contentious this aspect of family law can be. This is why seeking the support of qualified lawyers to facilitate the process and the drafting of agreements can be extremely helpful to everyone involved.

Source: Hamilton Spectator, "Understanding child support", Nicole Matthews, Jan. 1, 2017

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