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Property division in British Columbia may be challenging

Even if a marriage ends on amicable terms, there are bound to be some disputes to resolve before the settlement is finalized. When couples in British Columbia divorce, one of the main sources of contention is often property division. This may be especially true if they have no children. Disagreement over money has long been at the top of the list of reasons why marriages end. Whether a couple has too much or too little, if they do not agree on how to manage money, it will certainly drive a wedge between them.

Spouses who feel hurt or betrayed by the breakup may use certain assets to wound their ex-partners. For example, one may demand that a particular sentimental (or valuable) item be part of his or her half of the settlement only because the other spouse has a fondness for that item. Battles over individual assets often devolve into petty bickering if the couple is not willing to set aside emotions and focus on the big picture.

On the other hand, a spouse may decide to spend recklessly, running up credit card debt and emptying savings accounts. This may be to get even with the other spouse or to leave the estate depleted and indebted so there are more debts than assets to divide. This scenario can be dangerous for your future, so your lawyer will certainly recommend that you take a careful inventory of your accounts and make copies of any documents pertaining to those financial records.

If you are heading toward a divorce that promises to be challenging when it comes to property division, you may benefit from legal counsel sooner than later. As much as you may want the ordeal to be over with quickly, your lawyer will take the time to help you focus on getting your fair share of assets accumulated during your marriage. Those who are seeking divorce in British Columbia find that having an advocate ensures their rights are protected.

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