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Holiday season busy for family law experts

Divorce at any time of year can be problematic, depending on the situation and the individuals involved. However, family law experts can always point to a time of year where divorce becomes most prevalent: British Columbia residents may not be surprised to discover the holiday season is particularly ripe for couples choosing to end their relationships. It is also a period of time in which divorce agreements become the most contentious. 

Family law experts coin January as "divorce month"

The holidays can be a stressful time for the most cohesive of family units, but this is doubly true for families in which spouses are headed for a divorce. The end of the holidays here in British Columbia and elsewhere in the world marks the beginning of what many family law experts are calling "divorce month" since so many people choose to wait through the season to begin this process. Thankfully, when the decision is made, there is a variety of support available to both spouses. 

How pets figure into property division

One of the most challenging parts of divorce is how marital property is divided. Some British Columbia residents might be surprised to hear that in the course of property division talks, a subject that comes up regularly is the family pet. This is a unique part of a divorce settlement and can be handled a variety of ways. 

Property division in British Columbia may be challenging

Even if a marriage ends on amicable terms, there are bound to be some disputes to resolve before the settlement is finalized. When couples in British Columbia divorce, one of the main sources of contention is often property division. This may be especially true if they have no children. Disagreement over money has long been at the top of the list of reasons why marriages end. Whether a couple has too much or too little, if they do not agree on how to manage money, it will certainly drive a wedge between them.

Considering property division in advance of divorce

There are a number of factors that must be considered when a couple chooses to end their marriage. Primary among these for British Columbia residents is often property division, since assets and debts must be split up between the couple when the divorce is finalized. This is particularly true of a marital home, which many people believe must be sold as part of the divorce settlement. 

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