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Property division extends to retirement savings

One of the cornerstones of the modern Canadian divorce is the division of assets and debts. This is true of most divorcing British Columbia couples, regardless of age or status. However, it is easy to overlook in the contentious world of property division that not all assets are physical in nature. Indeed, a retirement "nest egg" is subject to the same rules of division as a car or a family home. 

Family law: Parents may risk the best interests of the children

Some couples in British Columbia endure unhappy marriages for many years before they finally decide to file for divorce. In many of these cases, parents convince themselves that staying together is in the best interests of the children. However, therapists and other family law authorities believe that it is more harmful to children to be in the toxic environment of an unhappy marriage than to be children of divorced parents.

Family law perspectives on retirement and divorce

While the divorce rate has been consistently declining for many years here in Canada, this is not the case for the over-50 demographic. So-called "grey divorce" has become more prevalent in British Columbia and elsewhere as human life expectancy continues to rise and fewer people are satisfied staying in an unhappy marriage during their retirement years. Thankfully, family law practitioners have identified several ways for this beleaguered demographic to avoid divorce-related difficulties as they approach their golden years.

Family law: the value of a prenuptial agreement

For most people, the prospect of marriage brings with it boundless hope and optimism for the future. Of course, British Columbia residents are aware that nearly half of all these marriages will end in divorce. This is why family law experts so often laud the value of a prenuptial agreement drafted in advance of a marriage to help protect both spouses in the event of a divorce later in life.

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