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Family law experts weigh in on shredding divorce papers

The effects of divorce are typically long reaching. Even for British Columbia couples who do not have children, the influence of divorce can impact relationships with family members and friends for both parties. As a result, family law experts suggest that while the temptation might exist to rid oneself of the reminder of a divorce by destroying papers, not everything should be discarded.

The amount of divorce paperwork a couple might have is contingent largely upon how their divorce was finalized. If a couple went the route of a court settlement, there could be considerably more paperwork accrued over the course of that process. Even for those who settled out of court, however, there is still important material that should be retained against future issues. 

A final divorce judgment should not be destroyed under any circumstance, but rather kept in a safe location. A strong box at a bank or a fireproof safe in the home are both good places to store such sensitive material, particularly if neither spouse wants the information to be readily available. However, divorces that go through the courts are a matter of public record and some information may be accessible by anyone, including both spouses, their families and friends. 

The desire to move on past a divorce is understandable. In British Columbia and elsewhere, residents options exist to smooth the road to divorce. Seeking the support of seasoned family law attorneys, even if an out-of-court settlement is desired, is a good way to expedite the process and allow both parties to move forward in a positive way. 

Source:, "When should you shred your divorce papers?", Myra Fleischer, Oct. 10, 2016

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