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Family law experts identify financial challenges in grey divorce

Over the last decade, the divorce rate in North America has remained relatively stable, though two major demographic shifts have kept it that way. British Columbia residents may be aware that the divorce rate among younger people has steadily dropped. As a counter balance, however, the rate of divorce among those over the age of 50 has consistently risen. Family law experts call this phenomenon "grey divorce," and it is having a profound influence on the financial stability of a generation. 

Family law offers alternative to divorcing in court

It is not commonly known that when a couple chooses to divorce, all the information that is brought before the court becomes a matter of public record. This means every statement made in the presence of a court stenographer, including details about business and private lives alike, can be made available to the public. Thankfully, there are family law alternatives for British Columbia residents to avoid publicizing the entirety of their separations for the world to see. 

Family law experts weigh in on shredding divorce papers

The effects of divorce are typically long reaching. Even for British Columbia couples who do not have children, the influence of divorce can impact relationships with family members and friends for both parties. As a result, family law experts suggest that while the temptation might exist to rid oneself of the reminder of a divorce by destroying papers, not everything should be discarded.

Family law: Social media can have an adverse impact on divorce

Social media has become a significant part of the lives of people in British Columbia. It is not surprising that activities and comments on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms are closely watched and can have impacts on any family law decisions made during divorce. While it may be difficult for some, it is recommended that all social media activities are stopped until after a divorce is finalized.

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