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Challenges of late-life divorce can include property division

The phenomenon of so-called grey divorce is not new, according to many experts, but it is becoming more prevalent in Canada today. British Columbia residents may be interested to know that couples between the ages of 52 and 70 are divorcing at such an advanced rate that the national average remains that half of all marriages end in divorce, despite the fact that numbers are dropping among younger couples. For couples facing late-life divorce, issues like property division and retirement can represent an even more complex challenge than they might for younger couples. 

Family law for seniors considering remarriage

With the rise in prevalence of so-called grey divorce, in which older couples are divorcing with more frequency, new challenges may be faced by those individuals if they choose to enter other relationships. Specifically, the question arises concerning whether they should remarry or simply cohabitate with their new partners. Family law in British Columbia offers a variety of options to help ease the transition into a new relationship, however that might be defined. 

Considering property division in grey divorce

The phenomenon known as grey divorce, or divorce between couples over the age of 50, is becoming more common. British Columbia residents may be aware of this trend, which is seeing more and more people approaching retirement age and dealing with separations at the same time. The usual challenges of a divorce, including property division, are of particular importance in grey divorce situations, particularly for women. 

Family law study suggests new causes for divorce

Divorce is a complicated and sometimes challenging life experience shared by Americans and Canadians alike. This is why British Columbia residents may be interested in a recent family law study conducted by Harvard University about the causes of divorce from a historical perspective. The results may be surprising. 

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