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Changes in family law could provide more options for divorcees

For the last thirty years, the Canadian divorce rate has sat steadily at 40 percent of marriages ending in divorce. It is likely that few British Columbia residents are unaware of how challenging and costly divorce can be. This is why some professionals are advocating for changes in family law to help the process become more streamlined. 

Many people facing divorce immediately look to the prospect of self-representation in court as a good way to limit the cost of the overall venture, but this is far from the case. In fact, in cases in which one or both spouses are self-represented, the process can drag on far longer in a court setting than it would have if both parties were professionally represented. This is because family law is quite often too complicated to allow an average citizen to effectively account for all the variables in his or her divorce situation. 

In order to facilitate more divorce cases to be overseen by professionals, some experts have suggested changes to family law that would allow for more options, such as email communication in lieu of hardcopy paperwork or the use of Skype to allow motion changes in lieu of actual appearances. Some experts have even suggested taking an unbundled approach in which divorcing couples could retain counsel only for the portions of the divorce during which counsel is necessary, while doing the rest themselves. Obviously, such changes have long-ranging consequences, but they also stand a chance of limiting the strain of the divorce on both spouses and their children. 

No British Columbia resident would suggest that divorce is easy or that family law is uncomplicated. This is why it is very important for couples heading for divorce to seriously consider the courses they will choose in their separations. Seeking the support of professionals is still the best way to ensure a divorce is handled efficiently and to the benefit of both spouses. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "Simple Changes In Divorce Laws Could Save Canadians Thousands", Andrew Feldstein, July 5, 2016

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