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Family law judge ends relationship with divorcing couple

A judge in Vancouver has recommended that a contentious divorce case be moved to a different court, according to local sources. The British Columbia couple has been engaged in a hostile divorce for some time now, and the judge presiding over the case believes a change in the bench might help bring an end to the difficult separation. While this is certainly unusual in the realm of family law, it is not unheard of for unique measures to be taken in contentious divorce cases.

Family law as it pertains to taxes in divorce situations

It is an unfortunate reality that nearly half of Canadian marriages will end in divorce at some point. British Columbia residents are probably already aware that one in two couples will seek family law support at some time over the course of their relationships. With this in mind, it is important for both spouses in a relationship to understand how a divorce will influence their finances, particularly when it comes to taxes. 

Changes in family law could provide more options for divorcees

For the last thirty years, the Canadian divorce rate has sat steadily at 40 percent of marriages ending in divorce. It is likely that few British Columbia residents are unaware of how challenging and costly divorce can be. This is why some professionals are advocating for changes in family law to help the process become more streamlined. 

We value communication in every case

If you choose us to take on your case in British Columbia, one of the main things you can count on is that we're going to make communication one of our primary goals, from the beginning of the case to the end. We believe it is one of the single most important things we can focus on and one of our best tools to help you get the outcome you seek.

How your spouse may try to hide assets

The allure of hiding assets is very real. Your spouse has to report what he or she has, and you may end up with half of it. That gives your spouse a motive to hide portions of the assets, so as to come out the other side with more than you. This is illegal, but it still happens in divorce cases in Canada. Below are a few examples of ways people may try to hide assets.

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