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Can you predict a divorce settlement?

Before you file for a divorce in British Columbia, you may be interested in what the settlement is going to look like. This is only natural. It's going to have a potentially huge impact on the rest of your life, especially financially, and you want to know what that's going to look like. So, can you predict it in advance?

Not perfectly. All cases are different, and there are many factors in play here, including how much your spouse wants something and how hard he or she is going to fight for it.

However, experts do note that many things follow trends, which makes them slightly predictable. Typically, property is going to be split in half. If you have a bank account with $50,0000, odds are that you're going to end up with $25,000 and your spouse will get the other half. If you are able to sell your home and you make another $50,000 on the sale, you're looking at half of that income, as well.

It is worth noting that the property division laws can be complex, but some experts say that's the reason courts often default down to an even split. It's just the easiest way to make both sides happy.

However, it is important to remember that they don't have to default to this. If you have no income and your spouse has a high-paying job, you can argue that you should get far more in the divorce, or it's not really fair at all. Just because courts have tendencies does not mean there's nothing you can do. Always be sure you know your rights and be ready to fight for them.

Source: Psychology Today, "Divorce Settlements are Very Predicatable," Sam Margulies, accessed June 17, 2016

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