Support Issues

Whatever the circumstances that led your family to the point of seeking family law advice, one thing is certain: There will always be a question of finances. If you are thinking about or have initiated a divorce or separation, you must now divide one household's income and expenses into two.

Westside Family Law in Vancouver is well-equipped to help your family understand its rights and obligations with respect to spousal support and child support. Whether you are in the midst of a separation or need help modifying or enforcing support orders after the fact, our lawyers can offer insightful guidance on your options and tailor a solution to your particular circumstances.

Factoring In Child Support

From a legal standpoint, child support is straightforward. Simply stated, a child is entitled to receive financial support from both parents in the event of divorce or parental separation. Support is a child's right, not the parent's. With some exceptions, parents cannot bargain away their child's right to financial support.

Questions often come up regarding the relationship between support and parenting time, support for a grown child who may still be living at home or pursuing higher education, and support for children with special needs. Our firm has helped families with these important issues and more. We are ready to help you determine what your child support obligations may look like given your family's unique financial makeup and personal lifestyle.

Spousal Support Obligations

While spousal support is not nearly as clear-cut as child support, it is an important consideration for most couples, especially those with significant income and career or education imbalances. Whether you seek spousal support or want to ensure that you will not be taken advantage of, we can help. Spousal support is never guaranteed, and our firm will take appropriate steps to ensure that any spousal support order or agreement accurately reflects a reasonable need and amount.

Child Support Is Not A 'Set It And Forget It' Affair

Once you have a child support order in hand, you may be reluctant to revise or enforce it. However, we know from experience that life happens and circumstances change. Moreover, the Court's decisions indicate that you cannot bargain away child support through a separation agreement. The Court can and has overturned such agreements.

We offer services for the annual review of child support orders, whether they were obtained at trial from the Court or are contained in a family law agreement. Our lawyers will review the parents' annual tax returns and the stipulations of the Order or your agreement to ensure that your support obligations meet both the requirements of the law and your family's needs.

We will even remind you and your former spouse when it's time for your annual support review so you do not miss this important "anniversary" each year.

Protecting Your Financial Well-Being Now And For The Future

Your financial well-being following divorce or separation depends heavily on the agreements you make with your ex-spouse. At whatever stage you find yourself, reach out to our firm for answers to your questions as well as dedicated legal support. Call our office at 604-800-8853 to schedule a free consultation today.