Our Approach

At Westside Family Law, we appreciate that each client and each case is unique. Thus, we have built our practice on the foundation that your concerns will be heard and taken seriously, your questions will be answered and your goals our focus.

Simply put, we will give you our full attention and respect — always.

Here is what you can expect from us as our client:

  • Experience — Each case we take on comes with its own intricacies and distinct challenges. We have spent years honing our ability to help you find the most appropriate resolution to your family or estate matter.
  • Clarity — We seek to explain the legal process to you, taking a clear and conversational approach to our representation. We explain complicated legal terms and resolution options in plain English. We deliver straightforward advice and guidance throughout your case.
  • Comfort — We know that divorce, family and estate disputes are highly stressful. We'll do what's necessary to minimize that stress inside or outside of the courtroom, working with you in the way that best suits you and your family.

Getting Started In Four Simple Steps

We take the necessary steps to understand your unique needs and the complexities of your case.

  • Gather information — When you contact us, we will ask specific questions so that we know immediately why you need our legal services. We will be efficient with your time during your initial consultation.
  • Discuss and listen — Our first consultation is all about listening to you and discussing your unique concerns and desired outcome. We will provide legal information relevant to your case and discuss your options for moving forward.
  • Retainer and trust funds — If you'd like to proceed with us as your legal team, we will enter into a retainer agreement and establish a budget for the anticipated legal services.
  • Discuss strategy — When you're ready to proceed, we'll fine-tune the strategy we've outlined together to ensure that it will meet your budget and needs and those of your family. Then we'll put that strategy into action. We'll keep the lines of communication open throughout the duration of your case so you know what we are doing to solve it and what to expect.

This process means the control stays in your hands. Armed with information and guidance from lawyers who've spent their entire family law careers helping other clients in situations similar to yours, you decide on the approach you will take for your family.

Ready to begin? Call us at 604-800-8853 to schedule an appointment at our Vancouver office. You may also fill out our online contact form and we will respond promptly.