What Being A Certified Mediator Means

Mediation offers individuals and businesses (and their counsel) a constructive alternative to litigation, which can be time-consuming, costly and potentially risky if you are not prepared.

Family Lawyers Are Held To High Standards

Family lawyers who wish to become mediators are held to higher standards than average mediators under the Family Law Act of British Columbia. The Law Society of BC oversees the accreditation of lawyers as family law mediators, family law arbitrators and parenting coordinators.

Lawyers must meet the following requirements to earn accreditation by the Law Society before they can act or advertise services in family law mediation:

  • Complete 80 hours of coursework on mediation and conflict resolution from an approved program or organization, which must include classes on theory and skills for mediation, drafting agreements, conducting mediation sessions, understanding the statutory framework for mediation and other issues
  • Participate in a minimum of 10 hours of role-playing scenarios
  • Complete at least 14 hours of training on family violence, including how to recognize it, evaluate its effect on the case and manage power dynamics within the context of dispute resolution
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge, experience and skills within family law itself so that they can conduct mediation in a fair and competent manner

Our founders, Mark Perry and Anna Perry, have gone through this extensive certification process. They have put their training to work and have decades of hands-on experience guiding families in the Vancouver area through the mediation process. This combination of practical skill and head knowledge means they know whether the process will be a good fit for you given your unique circumstances.

Your Family Is Too Important To Risk Settling For Just Anyone

At Westside Family Law, we believe that the best outcomes are those in which you have had a say. For this reason, we encourage our clients to consider mediation as a viable option if we believe it will be in their best interests to do so. To learn more about our mediation services, call us at 604-800-8853 or contact us by email to schedule an appointment.