Our Approach To Mediation

Determining whether mediation is the right venue to resolve your family-related dispute should never be done in a vacuum. You can do all the research online you want, but in the end, it will come down to whether you feel comfortable with the specific team you have chosen.

We encourage clients to get in touch with us early to talk through how we approach mediation and what services we offer. While we want to help you find the right path forward, we also know that the best lawyer-client relationships are those built upon mutual respect, honesty and, above all, trust. We are proud of the reputation we have in Vancouver for upholding these virtues.

Many of our clients come by referral from others who appreciate our diligence and commitment to helping them find not just a solution, but the right solution.

Engaging In Mediation With Counsel

You may have a lawyer by your side when engaging in mediation. This makes the process more formal and will likely result in needing only one mediation session. Your lawyer will prepare briefs for the mediation outlining the issues and relevant supporting documents and send them to the mediator for review in advance of this session.

Successful mediations require collaboration and trust, which isn't always easy, especially if you and your spouse have trouble communicating. With a lawyer by your side, you may feel more confident and comfortable with the process, and the formality may help ease tension.

Working With A Mediator Alone

If you choose to attend mediation on your own, you should have a high level of trust in your partner and feel comfortable advocating on your own behalf. The mediator cannot advocate for you or your partner, nor can he or she advise either of you on the law.

Therefore, you may want to seek legal advice first and certainly before you sign your agreement. A Westside family lawyer can help you understand the legal framework within which you are negotiating, as well as the possible long-term repercussions of the arrangements under consideration. Such preparation may be all the confidence you need to advocate for your interests on your own.

We also provide services as mediators for those looking for qualified mediation services.

Make An Informed Decision

We encourage you to get in touch and talk with us early on so we can formulate a strategic plan that fits your needs and goals. Call our office at 604-800-8853 to schedule a free consultation today.