What Is Arbitration?

Though prevalent within business law, arbitration is less commonly used to resolve family law disputes. Arbitration feels similar to litigation in that both sides present evidence and arguments before an impartial arbitrator. After hearing the arguments, the arbitrator makes the final decisions. However, within arbitration, you control the issues discussed, evidence introduced, timelines and procedures, unlike the Court process.

Taking The Mediation-Arbitration Approach

Sometimes, people choose to engage in a combined mediation-arbitration process, or "med-arb." In this process, both sides agree up front that whatever issues cannot be resolved in mediation will be resolved through arbitration, instead of proceeding to Court. Our lawyers can help you determine whether this hybrid system is the right option for you.

Our Lawyers Are Ready To Help You

Without knowledge of family law and the legal system, you may end up looking to friends, coworkers and neighbours for advice. Doing so could result in making poor decisions based on incomplete or wrong information. Only an experienced family lawyer can fully explain your legal rights, obligations and options.

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