Laxmy R. Nambiar

Laxmy R. Nambiar

Mark G. Perry

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Laxmy Nambiar is associate counsel with Westside where she practices in the area of family law and estate litigation.

After graduating with a master's degree in law from the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia in 2012, Ms. Nambiar started her career in the areas of estate and family litigation, corporate-commercial litigation and First Nation's Law. Ms. Nambiar's practice is currently restricted to estate and family law.

Ms. Nambiar's passion is litigation with a special emphasis on efficiency – to get results whether it be by going to court, mediation, collaborative law or a combination thereof.

Commitment to Clients

Ms. Nambiar's approach to law is simple – sit down with the client, listen to their concerns, give them the most practical and efficient advice that applies to the situation and work together to set achievable goals for the family as a whole.

Community Involvement

Ms. Nambiar sits on the Board of Directors and serves as the Secretary of SOS Children's Village (BC), an organization that supports and fosters children and vulnerable youth in British Columbia.

As a result of her experience working with survivors of the Canadian Residential Schools, Ms. Nambiar has a special perspective on the impact of intergenerational abuse on children and the First Nations community which she brings to her work at SOS Children's Village (BC).