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When building a family or starting a committed relationship, couples rarely expect to eventually go their separate ways. Unfortunately, marriage and relationship breakdowns occur for some couples. When they occur, many individuals are at a loss as to next steps. A knowledgeable and skilled family lawyer can help guide and support you through the difficult and complex family law processes.

Westside Family Law has practised family law for over three decades in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our lawyers have dedicated themselves to resolving family law issues and to finding the most appropriate resolutions. We understand that going through a separation and divorce can be stressful. We provide you with support and to do what is necessary to make the process understandable and less stressful to you.

Finding The Best Solutions For You And Your Family

Going through a break-up is a challenging time for many. You have to negotiate and settle issues including custody arrangements, support payments and division of property. Coming to an agreement on these issues can be difficult.

Our family lawyers take the most appropriate and effective path to settling these issues. We pursue the most respectful and reasonable route to finding solutions to your matter, whether that involves arbitration, collaborative law, or litigation. Unfortunately we know that in some cases the resolution of your case requires us to effectively represent your interests in court.

Given the many complex issues our clients face, our firm provides assistance for a wide range of issues, including:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Division of property
  • Family agreements
  • Child Guardianship and parenting time
  • Support issues
  • Common law relationships

We Are Focused On Our Clients

Every family law case is unique. At Westside Family Law, we understand that each of our clients have unique needs and concerns. Our lawyers discuss without clients the facts and issues and together we determine their needs, goals and objectives. We make sure to address all your concerns. You will always have our utmost attention. We prioritize you and your family's needs and goals during every step of the process.

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