Trusted Representation For Unjust Enrichment And Jointly Held Assets Cases

Some of the most common claims in estate litigation involve unjust enrichment and jointly held assets. These disputes tend to be complicated because the lengthy process for resolving an estate dispute and the emotional conflict of involving family members. Individuals who finds themselves in conflict over unfair compensation, or over a jointly held asset, should consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

The lawyers at Vancouver-based Westside Family Law have represented many clients involved in complex litigation matters involving family members. Our approach is to provide clients with straightforward advice about their particular circumstance, and guidance as to their best options. We also help you find the best path forward for you and your family, even if that requires going to court.

Frank Advice And Guidance For Jointly Held Asset Disputes

Many disputes arise where a parent has named a child as the co-owner of a bank account or other significant asset. After a parent dies, the child can claim the asset or funds outside of the estate. However, excluded siblings could then claim that it wasn't the intention of the deceased to leave such a gift to only one child.

The Supreme Court of Canada has released decisions in which it negated the presumption of the testator in such circumstances. The presumption that now applies affirms that the child holds the asset or funds in trust for the estate of the parent. If it is claimed these assets or funds were a gift, then the surviving account holder must prove that the testator intended to leave him or her that gift.

Westside Family Law is experienced in examining situations pertaining to jointly held assets. We can advise on whether the intent was made clear and whether the surviving account holder or an excluded child has a claim to the jointly held asset.

Experienced Representation In Unjust Enrichment Litigation

Unjust enrichment seeks to redress a situation in which an individual provided services that increased the value of property without being compensated in the will. In such cases, the individual may make an unjust enrichment claim. However, whether such a case can succeed depends on the specific circumstances of his or her case.

Our lawyers can provide you with a straightforward assessment pertaining to your chances of success. If we determine your case can succeed, we will fine tune our strategy, prepare a strong case and provide you with skilled and experienced representation. Our aim is to put you in the best situation to succeed with your claim.

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