Guiding Clients Through Probate With A Will

In the majority of cases, a will must be probated. Probating a will means that the court recognizes the will as being valid. Applying for probate involves many steps and can be time-consuming. It is prudent to engage the services of a lawyer to probate a will.

At Westside Family Law, our lawyers can competently guide you through the probate application process. We will ensure to fulfil all the requirements attached to probating a will on your behalf and granted in a timely manner

Does The Will Have To be Probated?

There are instances where a will may not have to be probated. These instances include:

  • The deceased left assets with designated beneficiaries only
  • The deceased only had assets that were held jointly

Even if assets were held jointly, many executors still choose to probate the will. Without probating a will, the authority of executors may not be recognized by banks and government agencies. This is problematic for an executor who is trying to settle the deceased's affairs.

One reason a will may not need to be probated is if the deceased had more than one will. This occurs in situations in which the deceased employed the estate tool known as "multiple wills" to save taxes on probating his or her entire estate.

Navigating Clients Through The Process

Applying for probate involves a complex process. Executors must file multiple documents with the court, including:

  • An affidavit of the applicant
  • The Certificate of Wills Search
  • Submission for Estate Grant
  • Affidavits of assets and liabilities
  • The original will

Failing to fill out documents correctly or in a timely manner may cause significant delays. If the grant of probate is delayed, an executor cannot fulfil his or her duties until such time as probate is granted by the court.

We can take the burden of applying for probate off your shoulders. We are familiar with the application process and can gather documentation and notify the required parties in a timely and efficient manner. We will ensure that all documentation is correct and all parties notified within a reasonable time, so that there is no delay in obtaining a grant of probate.

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