Reliable Guidance in Will Interpretation And Passing Of Accounts

Administrators, trustees and executors have many duties pertaining to the estate of the deceased. These responsibilities include administering an estate, paying off the deceased's debts and the passing of accounts. Those tasked with these duties often face complex processes. They must carefully perform their duties as a misstep could expose them to liability.

The lawyers at Westside Family Law seek to explain these legal processes and provide support and frank advice. We also provide careful guidance to ensure that all the required processes are performed accurately. Our priority is to help you avoid liability.

Trusted Assistance With The Passing Of Accounts

An executor must complete her or his duty to pass the accounts within two years of the grant of probate. Passing of accounts means that the executor must provide the court with a full account of the assets of the estate. If the executor fails to prepare accounts or his or her accounts cannot be accepted, the executor can be removed or face legal action.

Westside Family Law can help executors with the passing of accounts. We understand the many steps required in the process and can provide you with efficient and effective guidance. We can also assist you if you are facing a legal action pertaining to the passing of accounts, such as alleged missing assets.

Representing Clients In Will Interpretation Cases

Sometimes a deceased's will is unclear about inheritances for beneficiaries, or clearly identifying who the beneficiaries are. In such cases, beneficiaries require experienced legal advice and representation to clarify the terms of the will.

We can petition the court for the interpretation of a will. Our skilled counsel has decades of experience which allows them to deal with litigation matters in a skillful and professional manner. We also aim to provide you with the most appropriate solutions for your case, to lessen the stress you may experience inside and outside of the courtroom.

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