When the use of Technology goes awry

Malware. Keystroke loggers. Phishing scams. All of these terms connote insidious ways to gather information from unsuspecting victims on the Internet. No doubt you have heard warnings about opening emails or clicking on links you don't recognize.

However, what if that email or link came from your former spouse?

Keep your email private, even from people you formerly trusted. A person may go to great lengths in an effort to "get ahead" in a contentious divorce proceeding.

Westside Family Law has kept up to date with the latest technology in both our practice management and case work. If you have suspicions that your spouse has been using technology to gather, steal or destroy data, documents and information, spy on you or hide assets or behaviours from you, we are ready to help.

Using Technology Can Help Your Case

Technology has many uses in family law cases, especially in terms of documenting evidence to support claims. The most important thing is to ensure that such electronic evidence is preserved in its original state. Documents can get deleted and passwords changed by spouses when divorce or separation occurs and proceedings get underway.

Our firm has the necessary experience and foresight to preserve and recover electronic evidence. For example, we can make use of cloud computing, since many devices are now synced through "the cloud" and thus typically have backup copies of important files. We can also work with IT specialists to recover data from destroyed or newly password-locked accounts to which you have a legal right, such as a joint bank account or investment account. Whatever your circumstances, we will strategize a plan to help you resolve the issue at hand efficiently.

Beware The Consequences Of Spying On Your Spouse

Technology can also backfire if you are found to be using it to spy on or harass a former partner or to alter evidence that may be important to your case. This includes:

  • Downloading malicious software such as keystroke loggers to a person's computer
  • Hacking into someone else's computer for the purposes of controlling it without that person's express consent
  • Stalking or harassing someone on social media using actual or fake usernames

If you are caught doing any of the above, you could face serious penalties, including criminal charges and possibly punitive damages.

If you are a victim of spying or forgery, our lawyers will take the necessary steps to enforce your rights and seek justice for you.

Technology Is Here To Stay, And So Are We

These advances are not going anywhere and in fact have only become more sophisticated with time. At Westside Family Law, we stay at the forefront of these changes so that we can be better prepared for how they may affect our clients' cases. We are not daunted by the use of technology in your case. Schedule a free consultation at 604-800-8853 to work out a plan with experienced lawyers who have your best interests at heart.