Domestic Abuse & Divorce

Many people delay taking action if they suspect a friend or family member to be a victim of domestic violence. Indeed, victims themselves are often hesitant to speak up. Trained into silence, then, victims may let go of certain rights during the divorce process, especially without a trained and assertive advocate by their side.

The law does not tolerate domestic abuse, in the criminal or family law sphere. At Westside Family Law, we take this issue seriously. Allegations of domestic violence, particularly those stemming from drug or alcohol abuse, can quickly derail family law resolutions. Our firm offers practical and effective guidance aimed at uncovering the truth and taking swift action to protect your rights.

In The Eyes Of The Law, Abuse Goes Beyond Physical Violence

British Columbia's Family Law Act has much to say when it comes to family violence. According to this law, family violence includes any behaviour that harms another person physically, emotionally or psychologically. Note that this is a broad definition and even broader scope beyond a physical altercation. Under this definition, "domestic abuse" includes things like:

  • Intimidation or making threats of physical violence or other tangible harms against you or people you care about, your pets or your property
  • Harassment or stalking, including invading the privacy of email and phone call records and monitoring online communications and activities
  • Intentionally damaging your personal property
  • Controlling or denying access to banked funds that are family income or assets

Such behaviours are not tolerated and if discovered during the divorce process, they can have an effect on the outcome. Our lawyers understand the delicacy and efficiency with which such cases must be handled. We make it our priority to ensure that you are safe and that your final agreements include provisions to maintain your security. If necessary, we can file protection orders, which limit contact and communication between the victim and alleged offender.

You or someone you know does not have to continue to be a victim of domestic violence. Let us help protect your safety and find stability so you can move forward.

What If You Are Wrongly Accused Of Domestic Abuse?

When relationships sour, bitterness and anger can take over a person's thoughts and actions, leading to overwhelming stress. Unfortunately, anger and bitterness could motivate one spouse to falsely accuse the other of some form of family violence in efforts to gain leverage over support, property division or child custody.

If you have been wrongly accused of a form of family violence, we will immediately set to work establishing the legal evidence needed to show the truth. Our lawyers are also fully prepared to take your case to trial. We will not drag our feet on preserving your rights and upholding your innocence.

We Are Your Advocates

We offer a safe space to talk about the difficult issues involved in your divorce. As with everything we do, all of our correspondence and conversations are kept strictly confidential except where we are required to share by law. Call us at 604-800-8853 to set up a free consultation at our office in Vancouver.