Preserving Generational Wealth: Extended Family & Multigeneration Property Ownership

In many cases involving significant assets, one spouse may have entered the relationship with the majority of the assets. Some families offer generous support or parental loans to a newly married couple, perhaps paying for the wedding, buying the couple a new house, funding the children's private education or supporting their business endeavours. Perhaps that new spouse has been drafted into the family business and works closely with his or her in-laws.

How We Can Help Preserve Generational Wealth

Our lawyers at Westside Family Law have extensive experience managing divorce cases involving multigenerational financial assistance. We know what experts to call on for support, if needed, to ensure that your assets and family's interests are preserved. They include:

Our efforts include a review of your estate documents as well. Any inheritance bestowed on a child is considered excluded property if the child divorces or separates. However, though the actual balance may be excluded, any interest or gain on that inheritance during the marriage may be divided by the Court or by agreement.

As such, we look holistically at the situation while managing the details of the case. We take care to protect our clients from protracted litigation where we can, seeking efficient resolutions that align with their goals.

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