Dividing Family Property

Couples who operate businesses jointly, maintain multiple properties and have significant investments may have unique concerns when it comes to dividing family property when they separate. It takes the help of a lawyer experienced in handling complex property division to ensure that your rights and financial interests, and perhaps those of your family, are protected — help that is available at Westside Family Law.

Our lawyers understand the particular concerns you may have regarding your assets. We will outline all of your options for protecting them with the goal of avoiding wasteful time spent in litigation, if possible.

Dealing With Inequalities Of Contribution

In many divorces, though certainly not all, one spouse has been regularly employed and contributed more financially in building the family's estate. Alternatively, both partners may have worked hard to build up their wealth initially, but one party may have left employment to raise the children.

Such factors may have a significant bearing on the outcome of your divorce or separation agreement. Where possible, we will seek reasonable solutions that accurately reflect your circumstances. Much can be accomplished through compromise. That being said, our lawyers are not averse to taking matters before the Court if necessary to preserve your rights and financial standing.

Dividing Family Assets And Parental Investment

Many families may initially receive assistance from parents by way of financial assistance of an interest in assets. Therefore, when spouses divorce or separate, parents get involved, especially if they have provided significant financial assistance to the couple.

Often, these parents wish to protect or retrieve some of their investment if the couple decides to split up. We take these important and often complicated family dynamics into account. Whether you are a concerned parent or an adult whose parents or in-laws have gotten involved in your separation, we seek resolutions that both conform to the law and preserve your financial interests.

Protecting Wealth Gained By Inheritance

Along with the issue of preserving generational wealth, many individuals who have received or expect to receive significant assets through inheritance have concerns about how their wealth may unintentionally benefit their ex-spouse.

Any increase or gain on the inherited funds' or property's value that accrued during the couple's relationship may be divisible. Therefore, if you received an inheritance during your marriage, we can help you work out a solution that protects your right to inherit and safeguards those assets from further division in the future.

Your Concerns Are Ours

Our philosophy is simple: Your interests become our No. 1 priority when you work with our firm. Call us at 604-800-8853 to discuss your concerns about dividing your assets or wealth in divorce. You may also get in touch by email to set up an appointment at our South Granville law office.