Assisting You With Common Law Separation Issues

They only need to start living apart. Recognized as a " marriage-like" relationship, the separation involves dividing debts and assets equally and arranging spousal support. It is often prudent to consult a lawyer when going through separation.

Westside Family Law has over three decades of experience helping couples who are separating. Our Vancouver lawyers guide clients through each issue and explain the process so that clients are kept informed about their case. We will work to put you on the path of successfully settling all your separation matters.

What Matters Must Be Settled When Separating?

As common law couples are considered to be in a marriage-like relationship, they have to settle the same issues as legally married couples.

The issues to negotiate upon separation in a common law relationship include:

  • Division of property
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Custody arrangements

We will speak with you, gather information and determine your needs and goals. We will explain your rights and responsibilities toward your partner. Subsequently, we will negotiate the issues, striving for a fair settlement between the parties.

Should I Have A Separation Agreement Drawn Up?

A separation agreement is a document that sets out how you and your former partner want to settle matters pertaining to the division of property, financial support and parenting. As these agreements are legally binding and are often filed with the court, a lawyer should be consulted when negotiating separation issues.

Our lawyers are skilled at helping couples create an agreement that is specific to their needs. We pursue the reasonable settlement of separation issues to safeguard your family's needs and wishes. We also ensure that you have a solid agreement that satisfies all parties.

We Can Navigate You Through Your Separation

Our lawyers have extensive experience navigating common law couples through separation issues and agreements. Call us today for assistance at 604-800-8853 or email us.